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Fortify Your Home Against Scorpions With TruForce

Whether your family enjoys spending time playing in the backyard or sitting by the pool, nobody wants to be surprised by arachnids - especially in areas where spiders aren’t the only pests with eight legs.

Scorpions are common in Arizona, feeding on other pests around your home, like insects, spiders, mice, and lizards. If scorpions have you feeling uneasy inside or outside your home, the scorpion control experts at TruForce Pest Control can help!

Scorpion Control

Our highly trained scorpion control experts have encountered their fair share of scorpions, and we just know just how distressing it can be to discover one in your home. Scorpions can be quite aggressive, and a sting can be venomous or even deadly. 

TruForce Pest Control works with you to prevent scorpions from finding entry to your home, eliminating their nests and breeding grounds to get to the source of your infestation – no matter the size! 

Our specialty scorpion seals and scorpion control services are currently available in Arizona, serving the following areas and more: 

Seal Scorpions Out 

Scorpions are clever, and they can use even the smallest cracks and crevices to gain entry to your home. Our scorpion services are designed to seal the perimeter block wall and fence line around your property, as well as sealing potential scorpion entry points around your house. The block wall is the primary nesting and breeding site for scorpions, and having it treated and sealed properly will dramatically decrease scorpion activity around your home. 

Scorpions are forced out of their nesting sites and out of your house and into the yard which increases their contact with our maintenance barriers applied by your service professionals.

Our scorpion seal treatment will eliminate the cracks and crevices around your home and property that are vulnerable to scorpion intrusion. This innovative approach using the best sealant products available provides assurance that the job is done right the first time. 

We dust and seal block walls and fences around the perimeter of your property, as well as:

  • Eaves
  • Weep holes
  • Weatherstripping
  • Exterior pipes
  • J-metal
  • And any other potential scorpion entryways!

Guaranteed Relief 

We’re so confident that our scorpion control services are effective and long-lasting, TruForce Pest Control guarantees the workmanship and materials for one year from the date of treatment. If there is a disintegration of materials or issue with installation techniques within up to one year of initial treatment, we will repair the affected areas at no cost to you.

What Makes TruForce Different?

If scorpions have put your family at risk, you deserve a pest control team that you can trust will do the job right on the first try. 

TruForce Pest Control has the knowledge, tools, and experience to remove the threat of scorpions in Phoenix, Tucson, Houston, Riverside, San Diego, Orange County, Las Vegas, and more! 

At TruForce Pest Control, we promise to provide:

  • Same Day Service when you call before Noon.
  • A custom treatment plan designed by our scorpion control experts, tailored to your home and the specifics of your scorpion problem.
  • Guaranteed results to bring you fast relief!

Give TruForce Pest Control a call at 855-491-2255 today to speak with one of our customer care specialists and to schedule your inspection.

Seal Out Scorpions for Good!

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